Organic Growing Soil Delivery in Sacramento

Stay safe at home while we bring landscape materials from our yard to yours!

Enhance Your Space

Ready to start a garden? Does your home need a little boost in curb appeal?

A beautiful landscape project starts with a quality growing soil delivery. Our Professional Growing Soil Delivery Mix is all-natural and available locally near you.

Having plants around you can help give you a sense of purpose, fresh air, and a nice view to look at.

A Healthy Hobby

Not only is gardening and landscaping great exercise, but it’s also relaxing and rewarding. If you are a homeowner, landscaping can brighten up the neighborhood. If you are a gardener, you can share your successful harvest with family, friends, and those in need. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you see the results of your hard work.

In a world that is always moving so fast, it’s time to slow down and get back in touch with nature.

Balanced 6.5 pH

Our soil has the ideal pH level for most plant life, providing essential nutrients needed.

100% Quality Bark

Freshen up faded bark in your front or backyard with a new layer of bark to keep your soil cool and prevent weed growth.

We offer red, black, and medium bark types to compliment your home.

Available in 2 Cubic Feet bags.

Comes in mulch and nugget form.

50/50 Blend50/50 Soil Blend

Mixed with half-topsoil, half-Mr. Good Stuff Growing Soil.

This blend is ideal for grass, shrubs, hedges, and boxwoods.

Available in 1.5 cu. ft. bags.

Also available in larger quantities (by the yard)

Mr. Good Stuff Growing Soil

Mr. Good Stuff Soil Product Picture

Our proprietary blend of potting mix is composed of the purest ingredients and enriched with wood compost, Douglas fir, and turkey droppings, making it perfect for almost any method of planting.

Natural Soil is ideal for your homegrown vegetables.

Available in 1.5 cu. ft. (42.5 liters).

Did You Say Turkey Droppings?!

Yes. It sounds gross, but this stuff is packed with super nutrients like:

  • potassium
  • nitrogen
  • and more that will help your plants thrive!

How to get The Good Stuff

Sacramento Landscape Material Delivery1. Select Your Product On Our Shop.

2. Place Your Order On Our Website Our Over The Phone.

3. We Gather Everything Up That You Ordered.

4. We Load Up The Sweet Treat Van And Warm Up The Engine.

5. We Follow The Instructions You Leave On The Order Form And Deliver Your Products.

Refer to our soil calculator to find the recommended amount for your project. When ready, call us or order online. We gather the product from our warehouse, load it up into the Sweet Treat van, and deliver it to you. Deliveries can take between 1-3 business days, but are usually out the door the next day!

Where do we deliver?

Great question! We deliver our materials to the greater Sacramento area, including:
  • Sacramento Landscape Materials Delivered

  • Elk Grove Landscape Materials

  • Roseville Material Deliveries

  • Folsom Deliveries Available

  • All of The Greater Sacramento Area

  • Granite Bay Landscape Deliveries

  • Garden Soil Delivery In Wilton

Since we have 2 headquarter locations in Elk Grove & Roseville, you can be sure that when you place your order with us that it will arrive in a timely matter. Whether you need 5 bags of soil being delivered to the side of your house or 50 yards of bark being delivered to a commercial project, we will handle your needs.

Why Us?

35+ Years Experience

Mr. Good Stuff has a proprietary blend of organic material stored in the best conditions to grow healthier plants.

Family Owned

Supporting your local small businesses helps your community thrive.

FREE Shipping

You must purchase 10 bags or more to qualify. We can also deliver in bulk (by the yard).

Two Convenient Locations

Elk Grove, CA & Roseville, CA

Don’t See What You Need?

For needs beyond soil and bark, see what our friends offer at Hanford Sand and Gravel.

We Want to Help Your Neighborhood!

You may have seen the Sweet Treat Van driving around the Elk Grove area recently. Our mission is to help our communities with any gardening needs while they stay safe at home during trying times. Call and schedule a safe delivery today!

Are you interested in getting high-quality bags of growing soil delivered? Or maybe some nice fresh bark for your front yard? Then let us take care of the heavy lifting for you. We know how important it is to get the right materials to the job when they are needed. Therefore, when you are looking for delivery of bark, growing soil, rocks, aggregates, sand, or concrete, we will be sure to get your landscape materials delivered directly to you. Mr. Good Stuff as a company specializes in nutrient dense growing soil that provides high yielding crops and freshly delivered bark. Furthermore, if you need even more landscape materials delivered in/around Sacramento, we have an expansive list of materials that we can offer with our parent company Hanford Sand & Gravel Inc.