Material Calculator For Topsoil, Dirt, & Landscape Materials

Introducing our user-friendly Landscape Material Calculator, designed to simplify your project planning process by accurately estimating the quantity of product required to complete your vision. This indispensable tool streamlines your landscaping endeavors, saving you time and effort while ensuring a flawless finish.

Effortlessly determine the optimal amount of landscape material needed based on straightforward measurements that you can easily take yourself. To get started, simply input the length, width, and height of your project area, and let our innovative calculator do the rest. Give it a try below and experience the convenience and precision of our Landscape Material Calculator as you bring your landscaping dreams to life.

A bag of Mr. Good Stuff growing soil is 1.5 cubic feet in size. This dirt calculator can help you determine how many cubic yards, gallons, cubic feet of soil, how many bags of soil, the measurement for dry materials, how to find out how many gallons you need & much more. We recommend using the online measurement tools to get an estimate of how many cubic yards of soil you need for your project and then call a soil specialist at Hanford Sand & Gravel to double-check your measurements before you place an order for your delivery.