Soil Calculator

Material Calculator For Dirt

We recommend that you use this landscape material tool to figure out how much/how many bags of products you need to complete your project. Moreover, this tool will help you determine how much landscape material you need based on simple measurements that you can take yourself! For instance, all you need to get started is the length, width, & height of your area. Try it out below!

A bag of Mr. Good Stuff growing soil is 1.5 cubic feet in size. This dirt calculator can help you determine how many cubic yards, gallons, cubic feet of soil, how many bags of soil, the measurement for dry materials, how to find out how many gallons you need & much more. We recommend using the online measurement tools to get an estimate of how many cubic yards of soil you need for your project and then call a soil specialist at Hanford Sand & Gravel to double-check your measurements before you place an order for your delivery.


Landscape Material Calculator