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Mr. Goodstuff Growing Soil

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Mr. Good Stuff growing soil helps your plants, vegetables, gardens or anything that grows become healthier and happier with our proprietary blend of nutrient-dense ingredients.

Mr. Good Stuff Growing Soil

Planting Directions

Before planting, loosen existing garden soil with a spade or shovel, mixing in a large handful of Mr. Good Stuff compost. Water thoroughly and allow soil to settle. Gently remove the new plant from its container and loosen the root ball. Dig a hole in the newly prepared soil twice as big as the root ball. Fill in around the plant with Mr. Good Stuff soil and tapping lightly as you go to remove any air pockets. Water thoroughly. Sit back and watch your garden grow!

Our high-quality topsoil blend is perfect for your raised garden beds, your front yard, and the majority of plants and vegetables that are grown. We happily deliver growing soil & bark to the greater Sacramento area, including Elk Grove, Roseville, Folsom & more! We also have bulk topsoil delivery available. Give us a call and talk to a specialist today.

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Elk Grove

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Mr. Good Stuff growing soil is a premium quality organic growing medium designed to provide the nutrients needed for healthy growth. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients including Doug fir, turkey droppings, perlite & compost.
The rich, dark color of Mr. Good Stuff’s growing soils makes them ideal for use in containers, hanging baskets, window boxes, raised beds, garden beds, flower pots, planters, etc.
The unique formula of Mr. Good Stuff has been designed to keep your plant’s safety in mind.

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Bulk Topsoil Deliveries

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If you need a bulk topsoil delivery, bulk garden soil delivery, bulk bark delivery, or just want to chat with our sales team, reach out to us directly below! We are available via email or phone.