If you love to garden, chances are you are always looking for ways to improve the growing conditions of your plants. With nearly half of American homeowners tending a garden each year, the market for supplies has boomed—making it hard to determine which products will provide the quality results they claim. Luckily, Mr. Good Stuff has developed topsoil blends that are adept at enhancing the growth of any plant in your garden. Plus, Mr. Good Stuff even offers a topsoil delivery service to those in the Sacramento area—free with the purchase of ten bags or more. Aside from the bags, MGS offers bulk topsoil delivery and bulk bark delivery.

What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil—specifically, the first 2-10 inches from the top. Plants rely on this mineral-dense layer of earth for water and other nutrients they need to grow properly. Made up of organic matter such as decaying organisms, leaves, and tree bark, topsoil is characterized by its deep brown color (although shades can vary from red to beige depending on your location). The topsoil that you see available for purchase has gone through a screening process to eliminate debris and improve texture. It is most effective when purchased as a blend as it ensures each plant receives the minerals it needs for maximum growth.

The Effects of Topsoil on Your Garden

There are countless reasons why you may be interested in improving your garden. Whether you want to increase your home’s curb appeal or de-stress surrounded by nature, the task of creating a fabulous garden requires much dedication. To preserve all of your hard work, you’ll want to choose products that lend themselves to the beauty of your garden. Purchasing high-quality topsoil is one of the best investments you can make in your garden, as it provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved airflow
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Better moisture retention

By giving your garden the tools it needs to thrive, you’ll ensure you don’t waste any time or money struggling to undo the effects of inefficient topsoil.

Topsoil vs. Fill Dirt

While it may be common to think of topsoil and fill dirt as two names with the same meaning, they are actually extremely different; understanding these differences is crucial for a better understanding of how to care for your garden.

Fill dirt makes up the layer of earth directly beneath topsoil. It does not contain the same organic material as topsoil, so it lacks the nutrients and minerals that plants need in order to thrive. It can also contain excessive amounts of sand or rocks, creating a texture that prevents the easy growth that topsoil provides. While fill dirt is perfect for filling holes or changing the elevation of your garden, topsoil is a better choice when you are looking to improve the health of your garden.

How to Use Topsoil

To add topsoil to your garden, you’ll first want to till your existing soil to ensure it is broken up and ready to use. Then, add a layer of fresh topsoil—a few inches deep—before tilling the plot again to mix the two layers together gently. The process of combining the new and existing soils is crucial for preventing drainage problems between each level. From here, you can add another layer of topsoil to achieve the desired depth for your garden. Once the topsoil is added, you can begin planting your garden and watching it flourish.

Topsoil and Bark

To make your garden more decorative, consider adding a layer of bark directly above your topsoil. Mr. Good Stuff offers bulk bags of bark in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that best adds to the design of your garden. Not only does bark improve the look of your garden, but it also provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Water retention
  • Weed prevention
  • Temperature control

With Mr. Good Stuff’s bulk purchasing options and home delivery, you can improve the functionality and curb appeal of your garden using decorative bark.

Free Home Delivery for Bulk Orders

No matter what, when you commit to a full-scale garden makeover, you are going to need massive amounts of supplies—particularly soil. For an extensive project, you will be able to save money by purchasing such supplies in bulk. Luckily, Mr. Good Stuff offers bulk purchasing for any landscaping materials, including topsoil and bark. With bulk purchasing, you can reap the benefits of high-quality garden supplies while sticking to your budget.

For those in the Sacramento area, Mr. Good Stuff also offers free home delivery with the purchase of ten bags or more. If you were to source your landscaping materials from a retail outlet, you would be forced to figure out the logistics of the delivery yourself, costing you both time and money. With Mr. Good Stuff, you can supply your garden with the best possible materials, while staying safe and stress-free at home as you await your complementary delivery.

If you’re interested in using topsoil to improve the growth and vibrancy of your garden, Mr. Good Stuff is ready to help you succeed. Shop our collection of high-quality bulk topsoil, bark, and more to choose the blend that will give your garden the nutrients it needs. For big projects, place a bulk order today and receive complimentary home delivery in the Sacramento area.