Mr. Good Stuff Growing Soil (1.5 cu. ft. bag)


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This is a 1.5 cubic feet (42.5 liters) bag of Mr. Good Stuff planting soil. This soil is ideal for planting into pots, planters, or directly into the ground. The ingredients of our soil consist of bird manure and wood composts.

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Introducing Mr. Good Stuff Growing Soil, your ultimate solution for fostering robust and flourishing plant growth in all environments. Our meticulously crafted soil blend is designed to cater to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, vegetables, and flowers, promoting healthy growth and maximizing their potential.

Our 1.5 cubic feet (42.5 liters) bag of premium planting soil is perfect for use in pots, planters, raised beds, or directly in the ground. Mr. Good Stuff’s superior soil mixture is composed of the finest ingredients, including nutrient-rich compost, moisture-retaining rice hulls, organic turkey manure, well-draining perlite, and doug fir to create an ideal growing medium for all your horticultural needs.

The secret to Mr. Good Stuff Growing Soil’s success lies in its outstanding drainage properties. Our unique blend ensures that your plants receive the perfect balance of water and air, which is crucial for optimal growth, healthy root development, and disease prevention. As a result, your plants will enjoy improved nutrient uptake and an enhanced ability to withstand environmental stress.

Transform your garden, patio, or indoor space into a thriving oasis with Mr. Good Stuff Premium Planting Soil. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or just starting your gardening journey, our high-quality soil will provide your plants with the essential nutrients and support they need to reach their full potential. Plus, take advantage of our free delivery service to the greater Sacramento area when purchasing 10 bags or more.

Follow these comprehensive steps for optimal plant growth using Mr. Good Stuff Growing Soil:

  1. Soil Preparation: Begin by breaking up and loosening the existing garden soil using a spade or shovel. Enhance the soil structure by thoroughly mixing in a generous handful of Mr. Good Stuff compost. This will boost nutrient content and improve the overall quality of the soil.
  2. Watering and Plant Preparation: Saturate the prepared soil and allow it to settle. Carefully remove the new plant from its container, taking care not to damage the roots. Gently loosen the root ball to promote better root penetration into the surrounding soil.
  3. Digging the Planting Hole: Create a planting hole in the prepared soil that is twice as wide and deep as the root ball. This allows the roots to spread out easily and establish themselves more effectively in the new environment.
  4. Planting and Soil Fill: Position the plant in the hole, ensuring that the top of the root ball is level with the soil surface. Fill in the space around the plant with Mr. Good Stuff Premium Planting Soil, lightly tapping the soil as you go to eliminate air pockets. This helps to maintain optimal soil-to-root contact and encourages strong, healthy root growth.
  5. Final Watering and Care: Thoroughly water the plant to settle the soil and ensure proper hydration. Monitor the plant’s progress and maintain proper watering practices as it establishes itself in its new environment. With Mr. Good Stuff Growing Soil, sit back and enjoy watching your garden flourish!


1 review for Mr. Good Stuff Growing Soil (1.5 cu. ft. bag)

  1. Henry Smith

    I have been using Mr. Good Stuff soil for a little over 2 years now for all of my vegetable gardens. It has that fluffy consistency that plants love, and allows proper drainage for optimal root growth. The soil does a great job at promoting healthy root branching . It also delivers great stability for my fresh clippings.

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