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Enhance Your Garden With All Natural Ingredients

Discover How Mr. Good Stuff Growing Soil Can Bring Out Your Garden's Beauty


Growing a beautiful garden can be challenging. Let Mr. Good Stuff help you out by providing your plants the nutrients they need.


You might be struggling to pick the right topsoil for your plants. Rest assured, We have what you need!


Our proprietary natural earth soil is enriched with compost, turkey droppings & perlite.


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My Garden has NEVER Been Better!

“I heard about Mr. Good Stuff when I went to Hanford Sand & Gravel. The quality of the mix in the bag is unbelievable."

Raul A.
Laura T. Customer
These are the Biggest Tomatoes I've Grown

“I'm a loyal fan of Mr. Good Stuff's Soil. I've been using them now for several years and I love how easy it is to get my soil delivered."

Leslie N.

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

6 Reasons to go with
Mr. Good Stuff

Reason #1: No Contamination

Our Soil is held to strict non-contamination policies to give you a reliable mix

Reason #2: Easy to Use

Simply use Mr. Good Stuff like you would any other soil and you're good to go!

Reason #3: Quick & Easy Delivery

When you place an order with us online, we deliver your soil directly to your doorstep.

Reason #4: Community Driven Company

We believe in supporting the locals by offering quality career opportunities, benefits and retirement options to them.

Reason #5: Family Owned & Operated

Hanford Sand & Gravel owns Mr. Good Stuff and has been in business for over 35 Years (3 generations) in Elk Grove.

Reason #6: Quality Assurance

Since we are a local company, we strive to keep our products and operations smooth & efficient.

Get Your Growing Soil & Bark Ordered Today & Delivered Within 3 Days.

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Mr. Good Stuff Natural Earth Growing Soil

A high-quality blend of ingredients to ensure plant health.

Free delivery to the greater Sacramento area on 10+ bag orders!

Most deliveries will be delivered next-day, but are guaranteed by 3 days.

Our soil is consistent & reliable.

Family owned and operated for over 35 years in Elk Grove, CA.

Mr. Good Stuff is an all-natural proprietary combination of materials.

Premium Quality

Our Guarantee To You: We have worked tirelessly to bring you a range that is all natural and sourced with the highest-quality ingredients. We're pretty sure you're going to fall in love with our landscaping materials. So go ahead and shop with confidence!

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

Ready to Try the Good Stuff You Keep Hearing About?

We are commited to bringing you the best blend of nutrients and ingredients to give you the healthiest garden possible. Give our soil a try and you won't be sorry!

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