Medium Bark (2 Cu. Ft. Bag)


Medium-sized bark nuggets to help keep water retention in your soil & protect your garden by creating a layer of insulation. Great for homeowners! Medium bark will give a new desirable look to the area that it’s used on.

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Introduce a refreshing touch to your home’s landscape with our Medium Homeowner’s Bark Mini Nuggets, carefully crafted to elevate the appearance of your front yard while providing essential benefits to your garden. These expertly designed nuggets function as a protective barrier, effectively stabilizing soil temperature and controlling weed growth for a flourishing outdoor space.

Available for delivery anywhere in the greater Sacramento area within just 3 days, our Medium Homeowner’s Bark offers unparalleled convenience to elevate your landscape in no time. Opt for purchasing individual bags online or enjoy the option of bulk orders over the phone for larger projects.

To achieve a revitalized and polished look, simply spread the Homeowner’s Bark Mini Nuggets evenly over your desired area. Experience the transformative power of our premium bark, and elevate your outdoor spaces with ease and elegance.